New Rugged GPS Disciplined Clock for Precision Timing Applications from Connor-Winfield

In New Product Release on July 29, 2011 by ConnorWinfield

The Connor-Winfield Corporation is pleased to announce their newest 125 series product – the Xenith TBR (Model FTS500).  The Xenith TBR is an OCXO based enclosed GPS disciplined clock and ultimate timing device for DVB, DAB, wireless communication infrastructures, time-stamping or any other critical timing applications.

The Xenith TBR module is a GPS driven, mixed-signal phase lock loop providing a 1 PPS CMOS output and generating a 10 MHz SINE output from an intrinsically low jitter voltage controlled crystal oscillator. The 10 MHz output is disciplined from an on-board GPS receiver, which drives the long term frequency stability. THe GPS engine, along with a dual oven system, provides the highest quality timing and synchronization signals combined with excellent holdover characteristics.

The Xenith TBR is ideal for use in DVB, DAB, wireless communication infrastructures, remote transmitters, military radios and other applications requiring precise timing.


  • Stratum 1 Time Source
  • G.811 Compliant (GPS Locked)
  • G.812 Holdover Compliant
  • Meets ETSI PRC Wander Generation Mask (GPS Locked)
  • Phase Locked to 10.0 MHz Output
  • 1 PPS Output
  • Serial Input/Output Port (GPS Receiver)
  • Master Reset
  • 8V – 28V Power Supply
  • Commercial Temperature: 0°C to 70°C
  • Mechanical Dimensions: 106 x 125 x 56 mm
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Fixed Position Unit
  • Outdoor Antenna Placement Required
  • BNC Antenna Connector

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